Video & Slideshows

The videos are ordered newest to oldest and hyperlinked to videos.

  1. 2011, Mardi Gras celebration, in Murphy Hall. Sponsored by the ICC Parish Council. Funds raised went to the Soup Kitchen and ICC Youth Group (High Definition).
  2. 2010, Stations of the Cross, Soup Kitchen staff facilitate (Standard Definition).
  3. 2010 Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, High Definition (HD).
  4. 2009 Christmas Day dinner for the Homeless and ICC parishioners.
  5. 2009 Thanksgiving video, low resolution, a few dozen more photos have been added.
  6. Non-High Definition (HD), Thanksgiving meal, November 26, 2009.
  7. High Definition (HD) 1280 x 720, Thanksgiving meal, November 26, 2009. High defintion requires good bandwidth performance. However, the video is short (less than two minutes). You can start the video and then pause to download the video to play on your computer.
  8. Advent Festival, November 22, 2009.
  9. Saint Patrick’s Day, 2009.
  10. Mardi Gras, 2009.
  11. Christmas Dinner, 2008, Murphy Hall.
  12. Parish Picnic, 2008 at Pioneer Park.
  13. Murphy Hall / ICC Renovation 2007 – 2008. Low Resolution.
    (Approximately 10 minutes in length)
  14. Murphy Hall / ICC Renovation, 2007 – 2008 High Resolution.
    (Approximately 10 minutes in length)
  15. Coat Give away, 2008, Murphy Hall.
  16. Easter Vigil, RCIA Confirmation, 2008
  17. Saint Patrick’s Day, 2008, Murphy Hall.
  18. Mardi Gras, 2008.
  19. Advent Festival, 2007, Murphy Hall.
  20. Processional Cross dedication, Harvest Festival, October 2007. (7 minutes. Can be enlarged on playback.)
  21. Karl Kolhase, Musician Songwriter. Guest appearance in October 2006 on EWTN’s Journey Home program on his conversion to the Roman Catholic faith. Karl traveled to Fairbanks and performed for Immaculate Conception Parish on February 10, 2007. In addition, he gave a concert at St. Nicholas parish, North Pole, to the many Catholic high school students from all of the parishes in the North Pole / Fairbanks area. Karl continues to release free music at his website. (1 hour in length, can take time to download)
  22. In December 2006, the Immaculate Conception Church high school created a video presentation for an EWTN Life on the Rock competition. The video, “Frozen Knights of Northern Alaska.” (7 minutes in length)
  23. December 2006, Christmas Pageant rehearsal. (1 minute)
  24. Fairbanks Catholic youth gather for first community movie night at ICC 2006. (1-2 minutes).

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The Sacraments are Jesus Christ's presence in us. So it is important for us to go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.
~ Pope Francis

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