Immaculate Conception

The Mystical Body of Christ

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Man is made for communion with one another and the communion is rooted in God, who is a Trinity of Communion.

We who are in the Church are drawn into this Divine Communion of the Father and Son’s love for each other. The Sacraments are the means by which we are united to Him. Sacraments are Covenants God made with us beginning with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and completed by Jesus Christ when He united Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist.

In the Church, we are all one though each of us make up the whole. We are individual members united by a communion, not merely of beliefs and teachings but of the same Spirit.

We are born of the same water, Baptism; and we are one family, all seeing holiness through the forgiveness of sin (Reconciliation), and nourished by the One Lord Who gave his life on the cross. He made that Roman Execution a Sacred Covenant when He took bread and wine and offered Himself to us as the Holy Eucharist.

Liturgical Day

Things to Think About

The Sacraments are Jesus Christ's presence in us. So it is important for us to go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.
~ Pope Francis

CD of the Week


CD of the Week: Put Not Your Trust in Princes: Christopher Check reminds us that the crisis of our age is cultural and, in the end, spiritual. He explains that a flourishing society radiates from the family out.   Preview the CD of the Week and more at Lighthouse Catholic Media

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