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Have you been considering a deeper involvement within the Catholic Church, wanting to help those less fortunate, wanting to grow deeper in your christian beliefs? The Knights of Columbus are recruiting now members to this esteemed fraternity!

Knights Council 5011 is dedicated to the community and the parish to give back through the good works of charity, faith, and fraternity while growing the fraternity of faithful Catholic men.

Along with our monthly meetings, that are held on the first Tuesday of each and every month at 7:00 PM in the Church living Room, we organize multiple fraternal celebrations and functions for the members in addition to their families.

Becoming a member with Knights of Columbus is more than just joining a club and having a picnic couple times a year. It’s so much more, it’s an organization of 18 countries and growing to over 1.9 million members strong, all who share your same values and beliefs. The Venerable Father McGivney was the assistant pastor at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven Connecticut and founded the Knights of Columbus on February 6, 1882. Father Michael J. McGivney started with a few members, to a single council, and today one the largest fraternal Catholic organizations in the world. As it’s founding principals of charity, unity, and fraternity were instilled then, are the core of it’s principals today. Keeping with Father McGivney’s vision to care for the widows and orphans of his parishioners, the Knights of Columbus offers term life insurance for all it’s members families. Now one of the most top-rated insurance policies available today they have accrued better than $100 billion in protection available.

To learn more about Knights of Columbus Council 5011, upcoming events, or how to join you can click to Request a Contact or email us at