Family Corner: Storge Love

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The contemporary culture changed dramatically over the course of 50 years and many ask why and how.  The answer is simple. No longer does society uphold and protect Storge Love.  Storge Love is the unconditional love of the mother and father for their son or daughter. The unconditional love of parents is rooted in spousal love, which is not merely romantic love, but Agape Love.

Parents are asked to sacrifice everything for their beloved, and that means sacrificing their faults and failures so that they can have a healthy, happy, and holy marriage.

Mature and secure persons make a successful marriage, and only mature and secure parents raise children who will seek and experience mature and secure love.

This mature and secure love comes from Storge Love, that is unconditional love of mother and father for their children.

It is rooted in the Father’s love for his Son Jesus in which the Father was well pleased with Him. The Father is well pleased with us, not because of what we do but whose we are: God’s sons and daughters.

When we see ourselves as beloved sons and daughter of our heavenly Father, then we too will have a mature and secure love.

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