The demise of the family begins with the defeat of forgiveness.

Our world concretizes independence and self-definition. We see this as individuals demand their rights and freedoms from institutions and organizations.

The self-righteous battle cry states, it’s my body; it’s my life! This self-absorption conflicts and opposes family values.

Families are by their very nature all about the other. Family values are all about the group and how each person within the family has their role and place.

Families teach each individual that the good of the family comes first and that each person in the family contributes.

Family values are based upon agape love, love to sacrifice for the good of the other. True love seeks the good of the other person, and seeking the good of the other has two critical lessons.

Family values correct selfish behavior.

Family values teach forgiveness when mistakes are made.

Repentance is more than just feeling guilty for mistakes.

Repentance expects correction.

Jesus exposes Peter’s sinfulness which leads him to repent. If we are going to be like Jesus we need these two traits:

To expose the faults of others To be exposed by others of our faults.

This is the heart of family life: forgiveness, done out of love to create goodness in the other person.