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Parish Council 1-30-2019

We thank Bishop Chad for coming to our parish and celebrating Mass with us and also praying the Holy Hour. The meeting following the Holy Hour was productive. Wil Courtney gave a brief summary of the financial report which was printed in the bulletin last week. Rich...

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Understanding the Liturgy

The Creed is a summary statement of our Faith and Beliefs handed down from the early Church. The Creed serves as a summary of doctrine to teach the Catechumenates (people preparing to become Christian) and also to curb wrong teaching and heresy.
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Four Levels of Love

Our culture embraces powerful, emotional love stories, and the great love stories throughout history all include sacrificial love. Yet, this sacrificial love (divine love) is one aspect and Christians call it Agape Love, which is the unconditional love of Jesus Who gives his life for his Church, and in so doing frees us from the enslavement of death and sin.
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The Gift of Generosity

Immaculate Conception “The Church makes a moral judgment about economic and social matters, ‘when the fundamental rights of the person or the salvation of souls requires it.’” (CCC 2419) Any system in which social teaching proposes principles for reflection; it...

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The Mystical Body of Christ

Immaculate Conception Man is made for communion with one another and the communion is rooted in God, who is a Trinity of Communion. We who are in the Church are drawn into this Divine Communion of the Father and Son’s love for each other. The Sacraments are the means...

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St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr HD

The year was 258 A.D. It was a difficult beginning for what would become the First Christian Millennium. Hostility against the early followers of Jesus Christ was growing. The barbarism and severity of pagan Rome had begun to reach a fever pitch. It would soon lead to...

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Advent: What Should We Do?

Immaculate Conception Conversion is constant. It is the daily grind in which we make choices that free us from our old self and re-create us in the image and likeness of Jesus. That is why we ask, What should I do? Do we need to give? Do you have two cloaks? Why do...

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Stewardship: Prepare!

Immaculate Conception Preparation is essential for success. Planning to be a good steward first requires that we want to be a good steward. Many do not want to be a good steward for that means we serve another: We cannot serve ourselves and be a good steward. This is...

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Marian Consecration Dec 25 2018

Immaculate Conception As we enter into a New Liturgical Year, we enter into Advent which is to renew our minds. Renewal is true repentance for repentance as St. Paul tells us it to but on the Mind of Christ. The Marian Consecration is the most effective and sure way...

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All Night Eucharistic Adoration

Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception is having their monthly First Friday Devotion with Mass at 5:30 PM on Nov. 30 and all night adoration till 7:00 AM with Mass following. The Knights of Columbus will recite the Patriotic Rosary at 6:00 AM and confessions will...

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Liturgical Day

Things to Think About

The Sacraments are Jesus Christ's presence in us. So it is important for us to go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.
~ Pope Francis

CD of the Week


CD of the Week: Making Peace with Difficult People: Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak offer powerful insights to help you work through difficult situations with the people in your life. Their five-part P.E.A.C.E. process will help you resolve problems you have with others, and will also help you reconcile more fully with them. Full of practical guidance, this presentation will show you how to better love and relate to the difficult people in your life.    Preview the CD of the Week and more at Lighthouse Catholic Media