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Memorial Mass for Mike DeLorme

Mike Delorme was a member of ICC and the Legion of Mary Auxiliary and he also attended a few of the Prayer Groups in the area. He passed earlier this year. There will be a Memorial Mass said for him on Tuesday July 23rd with a light reception to follow @ ICC. The...

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28 Days to ENGAGE My Parish

A FREE training series for priests & parish leaders brought to you by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries Bishop Barron has commissioned his Word on Fire team to teach you the counter intuitive strategies, and equip you with the right tools, to engage, form, and...

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Creating an Accountability Culture

Here is a video that we can all learn something from. It is 43 minutes long but hopefully will change your attitude about pulling people up and playing games with people. The video explains how we are 200% responsible. 100% responsible for ourselves and 100%...

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You are the Light of the World

OFFICE OF THE BISHOP 14 May 2019 Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, On May 7 Pope Francis issued a motu proprio, “Vos Estis Lux Mundi”, “You are the Light of the World”.In this action, the Holy Father has modified Church law that mandates every diocese in the...

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The Biblical Roots of Ash Wednesday

by Brant Pitre at Catholic Productions In this video, Dr. Pitre gives insight into the Biblical foundation for Ash Wednesday, as well as the rationale and purpose of the season of Lent. He addresses questions such as: Why do you we use ashes? Why are we asked of the...

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Fr. Bala Gangarapu Departure

OFFICE OF THE BISHOP 28 February 2019 Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Fr. Bala Gangarapu will be returning to his home diocese of Hyderabad in India by 1 July 2019. In June 2014, Fr. Bala was granted permission to work in the Diocese of Fairbanks for a total of five...

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Feb 21 Day of Prayer

All are invited and encouraged to sit in Adoration on Thursday, February 21st during the hours of 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Sacred Heart Cathedral. This day of Adoration will take place during “The protection of minors in the Church” Meeting, to be held in the Vatican...

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Family Corner: Forgiveness

The demise of the family begins with the defeat of forgiveness. Our world concretizes independence and self-definition. We see this as individuals demand their rights and freedoms from institutions and organizations. The self-righteous battle cry states, it’s my body;...

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Family Corner: Storge Love

The contemporary culture changed dramatically over the course of 50 years and many ask why and how.  The answer is simple. No longer does society uphold and protect Storge Love.  Storge Love is the unconditional love of the mother and father for their son or daughter....

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Liturgical Day

Things to Think About

The Sacraments are Jesus Christ's presence in us. So it is important for us to go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.
~ Pope Francis

CD of the Week


CD of the Week: Making Peace with Difficult People: Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak offer powerful insights to help you work through difficult situations with the people in your life. Their five-part P.E.A.C.E. process will help you resolve problems you have with others, and will also help you reconcile more fully with them. Full of practical guidance, this presentation will show you how to better love and relate to the difficult people in your life.    Preview the CD of the Week and more at Lighthouse Catholic Media