Creating an Accountability Culture

Here is a video that we can all learn something from. It is 43 minutes long but hopefully will change your attitude about pulling people up and playing games with people. The video explains how we are 200% responsible. 100% responsible for ourselves and 100% responsible for others. In other words, fraternal correction is the key and it is done in truth and love. Take the time to watch this video and realize if it works for them, it will work for you.

St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr HD

The year was 258 A.D. It was a difficult beginning for what would become the First Christian Millennium. Hostility against the early followers of Jesus Christ was growing. The barbarism and severity of pagan Rome had begun to reach a fever pitch. It would soon lead to a blood lust. The newborn Christian Church, faithful to the One who had given Himself for the life of the world, continued the work of His redemption.

Roman authorities charged Christians of that era with “odium humani generis” [hatred of the human race]. The Romans claimed to be citizens of a great empire, yet they practiced primitive forms of abortion as well as “exposure”, the killing of unwanted newborns.

First and Second century Rome was a challenging mission field for these early Christians. Rome proclaimed itself the shining example to the world of its age while it violated the Natural Moral Law and embraced debauchery. Sound familiar?